Three reasons to consider medicine studies in Canada

Studying in Canada has a lot of benefits. you will get insight into a health care system that is vastly different from other countries. Since the kind of health care system we should adopt is always up for debate, it is useful to get insight into another country’s system to get a well-rounded understanding. In the US for example, they are now switching back from the newly implemented ObamaCare to a not yet clearly defined system. The health care system is always a highly debated issue and getting different cultural influences will be useful for you in the ever-changing political system that the health care system is.

shutterstock_119379478Immersing yourself in a new culture

If you decide to take your bachelor of medicine in Canada, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, which will make you grow as a person. While Canada might not be as exotic as often shown in American sitcoms, where they often are portrayed as America’s weird hockey loving cousin from the north, Canada definitely has a culture of its own. Staying in a country that actually experiences the four seasons might for example be a pretty new experience if you have never been to a northern country in your life.

Learning the language

If you come from non-English speaking countries and want to improve your language skill you ought to consider Canada, along with other alternatives like the US, United Kingdom, and Australia. You will be immersed in the language on a daily basis, making it second nature. In a progressive global world, learning a language is important, and English is still the globally most used linguistic. Going to Canada you will also learn a few specific words you maybe would not learn otherwise, like “icing,” “cross-checking,” and “power play.” Yes, they are hockey terms, and you will probably need to know them to understand the daily conversations.