The history of the Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets are a classic team in the National Hockey League, the league with the best teams from both Canada and the US. But they have quite a complex history, with the franchise system of the North American sports creating a somewhat confusing situation. Originally there was a team called Winnipeg Jets, who played in the NHL during the years 1972-1996. Due to financial problems, the team then moved to Phoenix, Arizona and became the phoenix coyotes, now the Arizona Coyotes. In 2011, another team, Atlanta Thrashers, moved to Winnipeg, for similar reasons, and changed their name to Winnipeg Jets.

shutterstock_278112956Winnipeg Jets again in the NHL

So if we are focusing on the team previously known as Winnipeg Jets, their history is actually the history of Atlanta Thrashers, which are quite a new addition to the National Hockey league. Beginning in 1999, their biggest accomplishment is losing in the first round of the playoffs in the season 2006-2007 (as Atlanta Thrashers), and 2014-2015 (as Winnipeg Jets). The others seasons they have failed to qualify for the playoffs. Are you a hockey fan? Then you might consider getting your bachelor of medicine in Canada. It will definitely be an adventure you won’t regret.

The classic Winnipeg jets

The classic Winnipeg Jets, on the other hand, did win the championship three times: 1975-76, 1977-78, and 1978-79. Some of the iconic names were Bobby Hull and Thomas Steen, who had their numbers retired. This is one of the biggest honors you can receive as a hockey player in and it means that the jersey number will never be used by any player in the club again. The jersey is then put to hang in the team’s home arena. Winnipeg Jets puts the finger on the complexities of the commerciality of the sport and has been received with mixed feelings from hockey fans since its return to the NHL-