Popular Sports In Manitoba

Manitoba is situated at the centre of Canada and is one of the ten Canadian provinces. The capital of Manitoba is Winnipeg, which is also the largest city in the province. Four of the province’s universities and all of the professional sports clubs are located in Winnipeg. As Canada’s fifth-most populated province, Manitoba also has a number of professional sports clubs. The most famous are “Winnipeg Blue Bombers” a Canadian football team based in Winnipeg. The Blue Bombers are the first team, not located in Quebec or Ontario, to win a championship and the team colours are theblue and gold.

shutterstock_47971393Popular university sports

The Manitoba local universities are also very competitive in sports. They have three teams in the Canadian West Universities Athletic Association. First are the “Manitoba Bisons” who represent the University of Manitoba. Next are the “Winnipeg Wesmen” from Winnipeg. Lastly, the “Brandon Bobcats”, an athletics team that represent Brandon University, from the second largest city in the province. They also have a strong volleyball programme, along with other sports that are always very popular in the province. The university sports programmes offer many opportunities for international students wanting to study sports. However, there are other courses available and you can even take a Bachelor of medicine in Canada.

Manitoba Winter sports popularity

One of the most popular sports in the province of Manitoba is Curling. It is played as a winter sport and has produced more national champions in the men’s division than any other. In addition, it has also produced the top three national champions for the women’s division. The province of Manitoba is especially proud that it has multiple world champions in Curling. Also very popular as a winter sport is long track speed skating. A few of the world class female skaters call Manitoba their home, including Susan Auch. Canadas most honoured Olympic medal earners, Cindy Klassen and Clara Hughes also started their sports careers in Manitoba.