Experience Crooked Lake Provincial Park

Crooked Lake Provincial ParkOne of the great things about exploring the state of Manitoba is that natural beauty is never far away and is just waiting to be enjoyed. Crooked Lake Provincial Park is a small, 195 hectare getaway nestled along the north shore of Crooked Lake, in a scenic portion of the Qu’Appelle Valley in eastern Saskatchewan. The park captures the spirit of the valley; a thick, hardwood forest along the lake that gives rise to open grasslands and dense brush-filled coulees.

There is a variety of activities to keep you occupied while you’re here. Swimming, canoeing, and fishing are all popular activities on the lake, while many visitors enjoy hiking and cycling on the lovely trails throughout the park. Lakeside camping is available under a canopy of Manitoba maples and American elms, and the province’s only bur oak trees.

If it’s relaxation you crave, spend the day lounging on the sandy beach and basking in the sunshine. Or if you’re so inclined, you can spend an afternoon teeing off at a nearby 18-hole golf course.

The climb up to Moose Bay Burial Mound is well worth the effort – but bear in mind that it requires hiking up a hill which is over five hundred feet high at a grade of forty-five degrees. Visitors who master the steep slope to the mound may sense the emotion and tragedy of a ceremony as they look at the cone-shaped burial mound which is fifty feet in diameter and five feet high.

To reach Crooked Lake from Regina, take Highway 10 northeast to Melville and then head south on Highway 47 and follow Highway 247 southeast to the park. The closest international airport is Regina International Airport which is served by several domestic carriers. There are frequent flights to Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Ottawa as well as some US destinations.