Check Out Churchill

Churchill ManitobaOtherwise known as Canada’s polar bear capital, Churchill Manitoba is a wildlife lover’s paradise. Churchill is located in the northern part of Manitoba, on the Hudson Bay. Aside from polar bears, this area is full of other natural attractions that make the area a popular get-away destination. In order to protect the fragile Tundra environment, wildlife is best viewed while on one of the many tours that operate out of Churchill. Trips vary from single day walking tours, to multi-day adventures with hiking and backpacking.

Churchill lies in the center of the migratory path of Manitoba’s polar bear population. Visitors flock to the area to see these splendid creatures, particularly in the months of September through November, when the bears migrate. However, they can usually be spotted on the packed ice of the tundra throughout the year. Wapusk National Park is a highlight of the Churchill area, as it contains a polar bear denning area. You can learn more about these fascinating bears at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, about 23 kilometers from Churchill.

Single and multi-day tours depart from Churchill for the tundra in custom-designed vehicles with a covered cab. Since the polar bear population in this area is huge, there is a good chance of spotting them on your tour.

From mid-June to August, beluga whales migrate into the Churchill River, where visitors can easily view them. Several tour companies in Churchill offer whale-watching tours, some of which allow you to dive with the whales too.

No matter what tour around Churchill you choose, you will see a variety of other animals. Animals such as arctic foxes, ptarmigan, caribou, seals, arctic hare, and lemmings are regularly spotted here. During the winter months, it’s possible to get around the tundra the traditional way, by dogsled or snowshoe. Or, you can use the more modern means of snowmobile. If you’re visiting in mid-June to early July, a walking tour is a great way to see an incredible array of migratory birds.